Pastry Shop Taormina  

Salvatore D’Amore

True Sicilian Pastries 

Salvo D’Amore’s world is a sweet one; journeying on an innovative path begun at a tender age, he now boasts more than 25 years of experience in the world of Pastry Shop Taormina

His creations, nourished by great inspiration and long tradition, become reality in a small, jewellery box of a workshop opened 10 years ago in Taormina.

It is a little corner of sweetness, bursting with scents and colours of his creations which, once tasted, drive tourists and locals  wild in their desire to come back and savour them again.

Equal parts alchemist and artisan, and shrewd creator of exquisite treats, he never fails to astonish as he sweetly navigates the most tempting tradition of Sicilian confectionary art.


Salvatore D'amore Presents

Sicilian Scents and Flavours

Sicilian Scents and flavours, shipped by us and delivered from our Pastry Shop Taormina directly to your home, in Italy and abroad, allowing you to savour our traditional products prepared with passion, care and professionalism  in our workshop. We will be delighted for you to enjoy all our specialities as soon as they are prepared and packaged to guarantee their freshness and fragrance….