Almond Pastes : a true Sicilian Recipe

History and Recipe of Sicilian Almond Pastes

Tales say that this Sicilian Pastry was first mentioned during 1100, in a Sicilian Monastery. The true naming of Almond Pastes is attributed to the sweet dough considered during medieval epoch as a royal pastry, for it’s sweetness and delicious characteristics.

Sicilian Pastry tradition gives honour to this pastry in a meticulous way, following the true Sicilian Recipe.

D’amore’s Pastry Shop in Taormina isn’t an exception : We proudly follow the traditional recipe in every step, using only first quality ingredients provided by our gorgeous Island.

The result ? Delicious and unique Almond Pastes ready to be delivered, in a box that represents scents and flavours of Sicily….

You could actually say :

Sicily in a Bite with D’amore’s Almond Pastes !

  • Put Pealed Almonds into water in order to soften them, or make it boil for a quicker process
  • For every Kilogram of Almonds add one Kg of Sugar or 150 gr of Sicilian Honey
  • Remember the secret is to make almonds really soft and thin ( you can use a Kitchen Robot )
  • So the goal is to make the Almond and Sugar ( or Honey ) mix the most thinner possible, just like a Dough but really SOFT
  • Once reached the right softness add egg white, in order to obtain a soft dough that literally brakes into your hands
  • Roll the dough into powdered sugar ( use lot’s of it )
  • Cut the Dough into small pieces
  • Pre-heat your oven at 175° and cook for 18/19 minutes

Remember  good Almond Pastes can be recognised by the cracks, the final result must be a delicious almond paste crunchy on the outside and soft inside.


Don’t worry ! We can ship you delicious Almond Pastes in a box full of Sicilian Scents and Flavours

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