Sweet, Fine, Pastry Art

A pastry shop made of love and passion for Sicilian traditions, scents and ingredients. Cannoli, but not only, that once tasted will make you indeed appreciate Sicilian goodness. Tourist and people of the town go mad for this pastry shop: Cakes, Biscuits, Almond pastries, Ice Creams, Granite..there’s a rich choice in the pastry shop and you really need to taste them all. A little bit Artisan, a little bit artist, Salvatore D’Amore is a pastry chef indeed in love with Sicily. 

Cooking Class & Events

The pastry lab, where all the magic happens, is also the place where Cannoli Cooking Classes and events are organized. “Eat a Cannoli and be happy for the day, learn how to bake them and you’ll be for ever” these the words of a guest after a Cooking Class at D’Amores. During the typical Sicilian religious ( and not ) holidays, there a lot of events organized to entertain, make people learn and taste Sicilian delicious recipes… 

Sweet Sweet Sicily

From our pastry lab to your home, just a click away! Buy online some of Salvatore D’amore’s creations and bring some Sicily to you. Shiped almost worldwide and preparedin every detail: preparing Sicilian elegant packaging, as souvenir also, and baking for each order are only a few of the steps done to make this magic happen!  Get delivered some Sicilian sweetness just as picked from our Pastry Shop in Taormina!